Mme. Payne

Mme. PayneAs a learner, leader, nerd, techie, media junkie and bookworm, I love collaborating with students and colleagues in my work as an elementary teacher in Toronto, Canada.  In 2016-17 I will be teaching a combined grade 5/6 French Immersion class.

In the past I have worked as a French Immersion teacher in Kindergarten, Primary and Junior grades, and have also worked as a Teacher Librarian and a Core French teacher. For the last three years I have been working as an instructional leader and professional learning leader for teachers in my school district, and have found that many of the same strategies and techniques that help students learn and succeed are paying off for teachers too! I have also been a Google Camp presenter and a member of TDSB’s Digital Lead Learners. I have planned and delivered workshops about teacher leadership, innovation in the classroom, and curricular integration of technology for my fellow teachers in the Toronto District School Board, as well as for ETFO teachers across the province. I’m deeply committed to teacher and student agency, learning for all, play, and exploration in education. I love problem-solving and finding ways to leverage technology to showcase the skills and creativity of everyone I work with.

When I’m not teaching or collaborating with colleagues, I can usually be found whipping up a delicious mess in my kitchen or hanging out in nature with my partner and my dog.

I share my professional resources and teaching reflections on my web site as well as on Twitter.