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Fractions, Decimals and Percent Songs

Check out these videos created by Numberock! They’re a great way to review some of the math skills we’re working on in class right now. There are many more on their YouTube channel, so check them out!

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Mean, Median, Mode and Range

We’ve made an anchor chart in class to help remember these terms.   To help you remember, you  might want to check out this catchy song: Or even work on a lesson from Kahn Academy. However you do it, make

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Les stratégies de soustraction

Aujourd’hui nous avons discuté plusieurs stratégies qui rendent la soustraction des grands nombres plus faciles, et qui peuvent montrer qu’on comprend comment marche la soustraction. Regarde comment quelqu’un a créé une vidéo instructive en utilisant le logiciel PowToon pour décrire

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Learning about mental math

We’ve been talking about mental math strategies in class, and started working with open number lines to help us to add large numbers. Take a look at this example of using an open number line to remind yourself that you

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